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Are you looking for the best stable diffusion models to use? If yes then you are at the right place. Stable diffusion has become really popular in AI art. Now, anyone can make cool pictures just by typing words.

There are thousands of stable diffusion models available. But I have compiled a list of the top stable diffusion models that you should try now. Let’s explore them!

Table of Contents

1. Realistic Vision

Realistic Vision creates images that look amazingly real and lifelike, almost like actual photos. This model is fantastic if you want to make AI art that seems true to life. It works great for portraits, landscapes, objects, and any everyday scenes.

Via Bitesized Genius

Key Features:

  • Makes extremely realistic textures, lighting, and shadows.
  • Adds tiny realistic details like reflections and imperfections.
  • Captures human faces, skin tones, and expressions in a natural way.
  • Backgrounds and environments look authentic and genuine.
  • Can generate realistic people, animals, cities, nature, and more.

2. DreamShaper

DreamShaper - Stable Diffusion Model

DreamShaper lets you craft incredibly imaginative and fantastical scenes. This stable diffusion model specializes in creating surreal, dreamlike visuals that bend reality.

Key Features:

  • Excels at generating ethereal, magical environments.
  • Can combine different concepts in bizarre, creative ways.
  • Produces highly stylized, artistic interpretations.
  • Great for fantasy art, abstract pieces, and conceptual designs.
  • Brings imagination to life with vivid colors and details.

3. Anything V3

Anything V3 - Stable Diffusion Model

As the name implies, Anything V3 is an extremely versatile model that can generate virtually any type of image you can imagine.

Key Features:

  • Highly adaptable to a wide range of subjects and styles.
  • Handles complex prompts and niche concepts well.
  • Creates both realistic and stylized outputs skillfully.
  • Diverse capabilities from illustration to photorealism.
  • A great all-purpose model for beginners.

4. Protogen

Protogen - Stable Diffusion Model

Protogen focuses on rendering cyborg-themed characters, robots, and futuristic sci-fi imagery through its stable diffusion model.

Key Features:

  • Specializes in android characters with both machine and organic traits.
  • Skilled at capturing sleek, metallic surfaces and circuitry.
  • Produces sharp, highly detailed mechanical/technology designs.
  • Environments can have industrial, cyberpunk aesthetics.
  • Great for futuristic concepts and sci-fi creativity.

5. Elldreths Retro Mix

Elldreths Retro Mix model takes you back in time, generating artwork with distinct vintage, retro vibes and old-timey aesthetics.

Via Nolan Aatama

Key Features:

  • Captures nostalgic styles like mid-century modern, 60s pop art.
  • Color palettes have muted, aged looks reminiscent of older media.
  • Can achieve fun, kitschy themes inspired by retro pop culture.
  • Visual artifacts appear hand-drawn, painted, or analog.
  • Perfect for nostalgic designs with a throwback feel.

6. MeinaMix

MeinaMix leans towards hyper-stylized anime and manga illustration styles through its stable diffusion process.

Via Bitesized Genius

Key Features:

  • Specializes in rendering anime-inspired characters and environments.
  • Captures exaggerated expressions, and large expressive eyes.
  • Vibrant, high-contrast colors and dynamic visual effects.
  • Skilled in anime clothing, hairstyles, and fashion.
  • Bring energetic 2D anime/manga art to life.

7. AbyssOrangeMix3 (AOM3)

AOM3 is optimized to create darkly elegant and gothic-themed conceptual imagery using AI diffusion.

Via DreamScape AI

Key Features:

  • Renders gritty, high-contrast scenes with dramatic shadowing.
  • Colors lean towards black, deep reds, purples, and cool tones.
  • Can capture occult symbols, and dark magic motifs convincingly.
  • Skilled at depicting macabre characters and fantasy creatures.
  • Perfect for horror themes, and dark supernatural concepts.

8. OpenJourney

Openjourney - Stable Diffusion Model

As an open-source stable diffusion model, OpenJourney emphasizes accessibility and diverse exploration.

Key Features:

  • No restrictions on commercial or personal usage.
  • Incredibly versatile and capable across many styles.
  • Frequent updates add new capabilities over time.
  • Great for experimenting with different approaches.
  • Community-focused, beginner-friendly option.

9. NMKD Faces

NMKD Faces - Stable Diffusion Model

NMKD Faces specializes in capturing human facial features and expressions with impressive realism.

Key Features:

  • Skilled at subtle muscle movements, and micro-expressions.
  • Renders accurate skin tones, complexions, and imperfections.
  • Handles extreme angles, and perspectives of faces well.
  • Can portray a wide range of human emotions and personalities.
  • Backgrounds stay subtle to highlight the portrait focus.

10. Absolute Reality

Absolute Reality aims for unparalleled photorealism in stills, environments, objects, and more.

Key Features:

  • Perhaps the most photorealistic stable diffusion model available.
  • Meticulous rendering of materials, surfaces, and textures.
  • Highly competent at accurate lighting and reflections.
  • Captures tiny details like scratches, dents, and blemishes.
  • Ideal for product imagery, architectural visualization, and photoshoots.

11. Beautiful Realistic Asians

Beautiful realistic asians - Stable Diffusion Model

Beautiful Realistic Asians model concentrates on generating ultra-realistic portraits specifically of Asian individuals and faces.

Key Features:

  • Captures nuances of Asian facial features, structures, and looks.
  • Skilled in distinct skin tones, hair types, and styles.
  • Environments aim for East Asian contexts and backdrops.
  • Renders traditional Asian clothing, and accessories authentically.
  • Great for casting, and commercial projects requiring realism.

12. Waifu Diffusion

Waifu Diffusion - Stable Diffusion Model

Waifu Diffusion caters to the anime fan base, generating stylized waifu (idealized anime girl) characters.

Key Features:

  • Focuses specifically on rendering attractive anime-style female characters.
  • Captures recognizable “waifu” traits like colorful hair, and school uniforms.
  • Aims for a specific pretty, idealized anime/manga aesthetic.
  • Characters are usually depicted in cute, endearing contexts.
  • Stylized fanart quality for anime/manga enthusiasts.

13. SDXL

SD XL - Stable Diffusion Model

SDXL, short for Stable Diffusion Extra Large, is one of the highest-resolution models available.

Key Features:

  • Capable of generating massive ultra-high-resolution images.
  • Maintains impressive quality at insane resolutions like 8K.
  • Renders incredibly crisp details and sharp elements.
  • Can produce huge canvas sizes for digital mural art.
  • Ideal for large-scale prints, graphics, or installations.

14. ChilloutMix

ChilloutMix captures serene, tranquil scenes and subjects in a relaxing, mellow style.

Via Nolan Aatama

Key Features:

  • Subdued color palettes and soft, hazy aesthetics.
  • Landscapes have a peaceful, idyllic look and vibe.
  • Skilled at rendering cozy interior spaces and still lives.
  • Inclusive of soothing nature elements like streams, and fields.
  • Perfect for calming, stress-relieving artwork.

15. epiCRealism

epicrealism - Stable diffusion model

Epic scale and cinematic grandeur are the name of the game with epiCRealism’s stable diffusion model.

Key Features:

  • Renders highly detailed sweeping landscapes and vast environments.
  • Handles dramatic lighting and weather effects skillfully.
  • Great for capturing imposing architecture.

16. GhostMix

GhostMix specializes in spooky, supernatural, and paranormal-themed imagery, bringing your haunted visions to life.

Key Features:

  • Renders ghostly apparitions, spirits, and ectoplasmic entities.
  • Skilled in creepy, ominous environments like haunted houses.
  • Can depict paranormal events like poltergeist activity.
  • Achieves eerie lighting, mists, and unearthly glow.
  • Perfect for horror visuals, ghost stories, and occult themes.


In conclusion, the world of stable diffusion models offers an incredible array of options for AI-generated art in 2024. From ultra-realistic visuals that could pass for photos to wildly imaginative, surreal scenes – the best stable diffusion models empower artists to bring virtually any concept to life.

Whether your style leans towards anime illustrations, retro nostalgia, dark gothic aesthetics, or cutting-edge sci-fi – there’s a specialized model tailored to fit your creative vision. As a beginner, exploring and experimenting with these powerful AI tools unlocks endless possibilities for unique artwork using just text prompts.

Don’t hesitate to try out different models to find the perfect match and harness the full potential of stable diffusion technology.

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