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In today’s tough job market, having a good resume is super important. But making a great resume can be really hard, especially if you’re new to job searching. That’s where ChatGPT comes in!

It’s a smart computer program that can write like a human. With ChatGPT’s help, you can make a strong, impressive, and winning resume for you.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 30+ ChatGPT prompts for resume. These prompts will help your resume stand out and give you a better chance of getting the job you’ve always wanted.

Table of Contents

ChatGPT Prompts for Each Section of Resume

If you want to make a resume by one by one section then follow the below prompts as per section. Here is the list of ChatGPT prompts for resume by one by one section:

Section 1: Contact Information

Prompt 1: “Please format my name, address, phone number, and email address in a professional and clean way for the contact information section of my resume.”

Prompt 2: “I want to include my LinkedIn profile URL on my resume. What is the best way to list it under my contact details?”

Prompt 3: “For my resume’s contact section, which city and state abbreviation should I use – the one for my current location or permanent address?”

Section 2: Resume Summary/Objective

Prompt 1: “Based on my experience and the job description (provide details), can you suggest a compelling resume summary highlighting my key qualifications?”

Prompt 2: “I’m changing career paths. Could you help me craft an objective statement for my resume that explains my motivation for this career transition?”

Prompt 3: “I’m a recent graduate. How can I write a powerful objective on my entry-level resume that markets my relevant skills and potential?”

Section 3: Professional Experience

Prompt 1: “I’m listing my work experience on my resume. How can I describe my role and key responsibilities in a way that showcases my accomplishments?”

Prompt 2: “For my previous job, I’d like to quantify my achievements with metrics. Can you help me add impactful numbers and data points?”

Prompt 3: “I took on a major cross-team project in my last role. How can I highlight its scope and my contributions in my resume experience section?”

Section 4: Education

Prompt 1: “This is the education I’ve completed (provide details). How should I optimally list it out on my resume?”

Prompt 2: “I graduated a few years back. Should I still keep my GPA on the education section of my resume?”

Prompt 3: “I attended multiple universities before completing my degree. What’s the best way to present my education details without compromising clarity?”

Section 5: Skills

Prompt 1: “Can you categorize this list of skills (provide examples) into functional and technical skills for my resume?”

Prompt 2: “I have many compatible skills for this role (provide job description). Which 8-10 skills should I prioritize on my resume?”

Prompt 3: “How can I effectively describe my level of proficiency for each skill on my resume e.g. ‘Fluent in Spanish’, ‘Advanced Excel skills’, etc.”

Section 6: Certifications & Licenses

Prompt 1: “I have a [Certification Name] certification that is currently active. What is the best way to list this on my resume?”

Prompt 2: “In addition to my degrees, I also have certifications in [List Certifications]. Can you help me create a separate ‘Certifications’ section on my resume?”

Prompt 3: “My [License/Certification Name] has an expiration date. Should I include that on my resume as well?”

Section 7: Awards & Honors

Prompt 1: “I was awarded the ‘Employee of the Year’ award at my previous company. How can I effectively highlight this achievement on my resume?”

Prompt 2: “I received several academic honors during my time at university. Could you suggest how to incorporate these under an ‘Awards’ section?”

Prompt 3: “I’ve won a couple of hackathon competitions related to my field. Where should I list these on my resume to make them stand out?”

Section 8: Volunteer Experience

Prompt 1: “I have volunteered as a [Role] at [Organization] for X years. How should I describe my responsibilities and accomplishments in this role?”

Prompt 2: “My volunteer work involved leading a team for a major fundraising event. Can you advise on how to showcase this leadership experience?”

Prompt 3: “I don’t have any paid work experience yet. Could you help me craft my volunteer experience section to demonstrate relevant transferable skills?”

Section 9: Professional Affiliations

Prompt 1: “I am an active member of [Professional Association Name]. How can I optimally list this on my resume?”

Prompt 2: “In which section should I mention the industry conferences and events I’ve attended as part of my professional development?”

Prompt 3: “I lobbied for a policy change as part of my involvement in [Organization Name]. Can you suggest how to highlight this on my resume?”

Section 10: Publications & Presentations

Prompt 1: “I have published [X] research papers in peer-reviewed journals. What is the standard way to cite these on my academic resume?”

Prompt 2: “In addition to publications, I have also presented at several prestigious conferences. How can I incorporate these details effectively?”

Prompt 3: “My master’s thesis work was published in an academic journal. Should I list it under ‘Publications’ or ‘Education’?”

Section 11: Languages

Prompt 1: “I am fluent in [Language]. How should I indicate this language proficiency on my resume?”

Prompt 2: “I have working proficiency in [Language 1] and basic knowledge of [Language 2]. Can you suggest how to list these clearly?”

Prompt 3: “In addition to my native language, I can also communicate well in [Language] due to my experience working/studying abroad. Where should I add this?”

Section 12: Optimizing for ATS & Tailoring

Prompt 1: “I’m applying for the role of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. Can you scan my resume and suggest keywords I should integrate for ATS optimization?”

Prompt 2: “Here is the job description I’m targeting (provide details). Can you help me tailor my resume summary and experience sections accordingly?”

Prompt 3: “I want to make sure my formatting is compatible with ATS systems. Could you review my resume’s structure and formatting?”

Section 13: Proofreading & Refining

Prompt 1: “I’ve updated my resume for a [Job Title] role. Can you proofread it for any spelling, grammar, or syntax errors?”

Prompt 2: “Are there any ways I can improve the wording or terminology used to describe my experience and make it more concise?”

Prompt 3: “Please review my resume for consistent formatting, dates, capitalizations, etc., and suggest any changes to improve its professionalism.”

ChatGPT Prompts for Complete Resume

If you want to make a whole complete resume by just one prompt, then you can use one of the prompt from below:

Prompt 1: “I’m applying for the role of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. Here is my resume and the job description (provide details). Can you review my entire resume and suggest improvements to make me a stronger candidate for this specific position?”

Prompt 2: “I’m looking to revamp my resume completely as I haven’t updated it in a few years. Can you take a look at my current outdated resume (provide file) and craft a brand new, modern resume highlighting my skills and experience effectively?”

Prompt 3: “It’s been challenging for me to articulate the highlights of my career on my resume. Could you analyze my professional background (provide details) and create an impactful resume that markets my qualifications compellingly?”

Prompt 4: “I’m an [X] years experienced professional in the [Industry] field. However, I feel my current resume isn’t doing justice in portraying my expertise. Can you draft an engaging, unified resume that solidly represents my qualifications and achievements?”

Prompt 5: “I’m transitioning from a [Current Field] role to a [New Field] position. Based on the job description (provide details) and my background information (provide details), can you repackage my resume with the right skills and experience to convey my fit for this career pivot?”


In conclusion, having a good resume is super important if you want to get noticed by employers in today’s tough job market. This blog shows ChatGPT prompts for resume. It can help you make sure your resume is seen by HR, point out your achievements, and customize your resume for different jobs. ChatGPT can take your resume to the next level. So, don’t wait! Use these tips and make the most of ChatGPT today to create a resume that helps you land your dream job.

If you want to know more prompts then you can comment below. We can also make a blog on this for you. Also if you want to read more blogs like this visit AI Perceiver.

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